The Perfect Pinterest Traffic Recipe - Mommin' From Scratch (2024)

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It took me ten months to figure out the one thing Pinterest wants more than anything. I was obsessed with trying to get into MediaVine for so long that I would spend hours on Pinterest. I put so much time into devouring courses until last December, it finally clicked. I’d love to share with you my perfect Pinterest Traffic Recipe!

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The Longest Pinterest Journey

If you’ve been using Pinterest for any amount of time, you know it’s finicky and you’re at the whims of their algorithm. I had spent so much time on Pinterest in the beginning of my blogging journey that I gave up on it. I started focusing on other things and my Pinterest traffic was hit hard. You can check my Pinterest traffic stats here:

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I’ve had a LOT of hiccups with Pinterest. From Bluehost messing up my site in the middle of a viral pin (which tanked my stats and I’ve since switched to Bigscoots) to Pinterest “accidentally” suspending my account.

When Bluehost messed up my site, I went from getting 1k page views a day to around 100. I messaged Pinterest several times asking if my account had been flagged and they all said no. So after a month or two of getting barely any traffic, I gave up and began focusing on other things for my blog.

But no matter how much of a love/hate relationship we all have with Pinterest, we have to admit- it’s great for traffic.

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The strategy that got me into MediaVine: Pinteresting Strategies + Manual Pinning Organization in Trello + Tailwind

The first Pinterest course I ever bought was Pinteresting Strategies by Carly Campbell. It’s how I got my first viral pin. However, after my Bluehost fiasco, I started buying other Pinterest courses to figure out how to grow Pinterest. They all promised to teach how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog. But none of them truly worked.

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When Carly updated her course sometime in November I decided to give it another shot. It was right after my account got suspended in what I’d like to call “The Big Pinterest Sweep” when a bunch of accounts got suspended for no reason. But I believe that the suspension actually reset my account. Whatever had been holding it back before, changed.

Using Pinteresting Strategies

When I began using Pinteresting Strategies again my traffic started to shoot up. And it wasn’t temporary. It stayed. It took about a week or two for me to really notice a difference. Her Pinterest traffic strategy really works.

Grab Pinteresting Strategies here and use code pinning5 to save $5 off!

But I wasn’t just using her strategy. I love manual pinning, but I HATE how disorganized it is. I’m an organization obsessed blogger, so I had to figure out how to organize the mess.

When I first started manualpinning, I kept wondering where the heck I had pinned to. I didn’t want to ever be suspended again so I came up with a system using Trello (it’s free) and created a course to make sure no one else wanted to pull out their hair while manual pinning again.

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My secret sauce to Manual Pinning – Manual Pinning Organization in Trello

Manual Pinning has changed the game with Pinterest. But if you’ve ever done it, you’re left questioning when you pinned what to where. And even if you’ve pinned ALL your pins.

So I created an organized system that teaches you how to manually pin from Trello.

My course teaches:

  • How to create Master lists in Trello (super easy, even if you’ve never used Trello before!)
  • How to organize your boards for smart pinning
  • How to pin according to virality
  • Tips for deciding what group boards you should leave or archive
  • Pin to the best boards whether that be group boards and/or personal niche boards
  • How to create a pinning schedule that actually works
  • Know where and when you’ve pinned
  • Lose the fear of getting kicked off Pinterest for spamming
  • Organize your pins for your pinning sessions
    and more!

You can grab my Manual Pinning Organization in Trello Course here:

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Using Tailwind as a filler

When you create more and more posts, you have more and more pins. And ain’t nobody got time to spend ALL day on Pinterest! That’s why Tailwind is so useful.

I manually pin my top performing pins and all my new pins, and then I use Tailwind to schedule the rest. And when one of those pushes it’s way to the top, I manually pin it.

Plus, in Tailwind, you can find out your top performing boards to boost your manually pinning (I teach this in my course).

You can start a free trial of Tailwind here.

Check out my How to Loop pins without Smartloop Hack here.

The secret to understanding Pinterest

So what’s the secret? Consistency. It takes a little while for Pinterest to reward you for being consistent. But you have to stay consistent. I spend about 30 minutes on Pinterest every day using Trello to pin. And it’s paying off. It got me into MediaVine and now I’m making good money on the traffic that I’m getting through Pinterest.

Don’t get discouraged like I did, if I hadn’t have given up on Pinterest I probably could have gotten into MediaVine sooner.

Stay consistent and it will pay off.


My Pinterest strategy involves three steps:

Carly Campbell’s Pinteresting Strategies, my Manual Pinning Organization in Trello Course, and Tailwind.

It’s the perfect recipe- and the best part is it’s cheap! I’ve tried several courses and this is the best path to MediaVine.

Make sure to grab your FREE Trello Board full of Pinterest tips below:

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The Perfect Pinterest Traffic Recipe - Mommin' From Scratch (2024)


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